Checking in? Prepare for your stay ahead of time.  For more information, contact our Admissions Office at +6347-811-3317

Ways to Be Admitted
Admission to STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER may take a number of forms:

1.    Referral from a STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER physician for diseases and conditions

2.    Emergency room for accidents and medical emergencies

3.    Outpatients (patients being treated at STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER but are not staying in the hospital)


Directions and Parking
We have adequate parking spaces which can also accommodate handicapped parking.


If you are not in critical condition, and if time permits, it is best to prepare for your hospital stay with the following simple reminders:

1.    Prepare your personal information, such as your current address, phone number, next of kin, and employer.

2.    Organize your health information—your condition, your medical records, as well as your medications (prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal). Keep this, along with personal information, in an updated list in your wallet so it will readily be available in emergencies.

3.    Plan your payment arrangements. Bring your insurance papers, as well as the name and contact number/s of your doctor, whether or not they are practicing at STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER  

4.    Bring your healthcare cards, whether Medicare, Tricare,  PhilHealth, HMO, or other insurance, as well as any special forms or preauthorization documents.

5.    If you are married, bring information about your spouse’s insurance coverage to ensure that you avail of full insurance benefits.


Admitting hours: STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.


Where to go:

1.    If a STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER physician and accredited physicians referred you, they will inform you what time you should arrive at the hospital and where you should go.

2.    In all instances including emergencies, admissions are usually done at the ER department  

What to expect Upon Admission:

1.    We will first verify your personal and health information, as well as if your insurance coverage requires a co-payment or is deductible.

2.    We will require you to sign a consent form. This form includes your consent to general treatment; acceptance of financial responsibility for services/charges not covered by your insurance, health plan, or other sources (such as worker’s compensation or clinical trial), and your assignment of insurance benefits directly to STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER . Please read this form carefully before signing.

3.    We will be requesting for an Advance Health Care Directive should you not have one and wish to have one filed in your record. It contains the form for Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (which allows another person to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself).  If you have already prepared an Advance Directive, please bring a copy to the hospital and we will include it in your medical record.

4.    Upon admission, you will be asked to pay for all items used while in the ER and your medication for 24 hours including diagnostic procedures. This payment will  be deducted to your final bill.

5.    Upon completion of documentation details, the hospital admission personnel will issue you a patient personal identification bracelet with your name and date of birth, a hospital ID number and primary attending physician.

IMPORTANT: Please always wear the identification (ID) bracelet during your hospital confinement. DO NOT remove the ID bracelet until after you are discharged from SCMC.


What to Bring:

•    Personal identification – card with photo

•    Your health care insurance card or document

•    Accredited HMO-issued member ID

•    Written Letter of Authorization from your company (if you are an eligible employee for company health care hospitalization benefits).

•    Any prior medical records, x-ray films or test results (especially if you had a recent previous hospital confinement at another medical facility or

•    If you wish, and if any, a copy of your Advance Directives regarding your medical care

•    Senior Citizen’s I.D. and Purchase Booklet

IMPORTANT: STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER is not responsible for your belongings, should a loss occur. You are strongly encouraged to deposit important personal items or valuables with the hospital Cashier’s Office. An official claim stub will be issued after articles are itemized. The deposited items will be returned to you personally only upon proper identification and presentation of the same claim stub.

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