As a patient at STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER, you and/or your representative are expected to:

1.    Provide accurate information, including your full name, address, home telephone number, date of birth, insurance provider, and employer, when it’s necessary.

2.    Provide complete and accurate information about your health.

3.    Provide your doctor a copy of Advance Directive, if you have one and want it applied during your hospital stay.

4.    Ask questions when you do not understand what your health care team tell you about your diagnosis or treatment.

5.    Ask your doctor about your pain and pain management plan.

6.    Comply with hospital rules and regulations:


  • No smoking in the hospital premises
  • No alcoholic beverages in the patient’s room
  • No firearms or similar lethal weapon inside the hospital premises
  • Visiting hours
  • Consideration of noise levels, patient privacy, comfort and safety
  • Treat hospital staff, other patients and visitors with  courtesy and respect


7.    Work with STA. CECILIA MEDICAL CENTER’s credit and collection staff for payment settlement.

8.    Pay your hospital bills and physician bills in a timely manner.

9.    Know your health insurance coverage and related policies and ask questions if there is a financial issue that you do not understand.

10.    Discuss directly with your physician(s) their professional fees before any procedure is performed.
Safety During your Stay

You are the most important part of your healthcare team
Our health care partnership begins with our commitment to your safety. Patients who are more involved with their care in the hospital tend to do better and stay safer. You can lower your risk of injury and make your stay as safe as possible if you will work together with your health care team.




While you are in the hospital, it is important for your doctor to know all your medications. It is also necessary for him/her to know what you are taking prior to your admission including:
1.     Prescription drugs
2.     Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines
3.     Medicine that a family member or friend gave you
4.     Vitamins
5.     Herbal products
6.     Food Supplements
•    Inform your doctor if you have any allergies to foods or drugs. Know all your medications and what they are for.
•    Our Policy on Patient Supplied Products protects patients by using only medicines and supplies provided by the hospital.
•    To check if your medicine might interact with the food you will take (those not from our dietary), please inquire from the nurses.




The hospital is an unfamiliar place. Most falls occur when patients try to get out of their bed on their own. Here are some tips to prevent falls from occurring:
•     Ask for help when getting out of bed.
•     Do not leave children unattended, use bed rails if necessary.
•     Make sure there is adequate light, and keep your eyeglasses within reach.
•     Report to hospital staff any spills or obstructions on the floor.




To protect the good health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff, and in accordance with local government regulations, SCMC strictly implements a “NO SMOKING” policy within the hospital premises.




For your safety, Hospital Security is available 24 hours a day. For security concerns, notify your nurse.
•    Practice good personal hygiene.
•    Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs.
•    Let your nurse know if your gown or linens are soiled.
•    Our staff will welcome your reminder to use alcohol based antiseptic before examining you or giving you your medicine.
•    Ask friends and relatives who have colds, respiratory symptoms, or other contagious illnesses not to visit you or anyone in the hospital.
•    Get vaccinated, if it is recommended. Flu and Pneumonia vaccines can help prevent illnesses in elderly and high-risk patients.
•    Ask questions
•    Provide accurate information
•    Speak up
•    Follow instructions


For your safety, kindly ask for assistance prior to operating any of the medical equipment in your room.




Business Centers
Need to work during your stay? We have a business center open during office hours for your convenience.
•    Internet Service
•    Photocopying
•    Local Fax
•    Printing
•    Scanning

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