Choosing Your Room

There are several room sizes available for you to choose from.  Your final accommodation depends on room availability. For more information, contact our Admissions Office at +6347.811.3317. You may also view our rooms through our virtual tour.
Suite (Private Room 10)

Floor Area: 25 sq m
TotalNumber of Rooms: 1
Room Rate: P2,500.00




Private Room

Floor Area: 15 sq m
TotalNumber of Rooms: 12
Room Rate: P1,300.00




Floor Area: 12.5 sq m
TotalNumber of Rooms: 2
Room Rate: P1,000.00




Floor Area: 46.2 sq.m.
TotalNumber of Rooms: 4
Room Rate: P600.00



Intensive Care Unit.



Pedia Ward
3 bed capacity with crib, cable television, ceiling fan, rest room. P600.00.


OB/ Surgical Ward
2 bed capacity, evaporative cooler, cable television, fan, refrigerator, rest room. P600.00 (Air-conditioned available P2000.00)


Isolation rooms

air-conditioned, cable television, refrigerator, rest room. P1800.00