This covers information related to your injury or condition, symptoms, diagnosis and/or treatment, the service under which you were hospitalized and all related professional details. To get this, you will need:

•    Signed authorization from patient for release of medical information

•    If the patient is a minor, signed authorization from one of the parents or legally appointed guardian

•    If the patient has died, signed authorization from the identified next of kin, or by the administrator or executor of the decedent’s estate

•    If the patient is unable to sign the authorization because of physical or mental disability, signed authorization from the next of kin or legally appointed guardian. If possible, verification of such disability should be obtained from a physician.

•    A patient, who is a minor but married, or self-supporting and living apart from the parent’s residence, may sign his/her own authorization.


No authorization is needed to get the following information:

•    Name of the attending physician

•    Number of times and date upon which the physician attended a patient

•    Name, age and address of the patient on admission

•    That the patient was ill and operated on

•    Name of relative or friends given upon admission.

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